TERA’s new class and new test server coming next month

A new post by TERA‘s product manager Noesis details what's coming for En Masse's acclaimed action MMORPG and it includes a new class, still shrouded in secrecy. This will be the 13th class to come to the North American server and we're pretty sure it will be the Moonlight Warrior, a female only class for the Castanic race. You can watch her character creation and some gameplay below.

While the new class is coming with the v53 content update, reserving a name in advance will grant players a variety of rewards when v54 arrives, including a free character slot and various other benefits.

As for the temporary test server, which will be called Wonderholme, it is going to be used to experiment with different server configurations and stress-test about everything. There will be frequent wipes and resets and you won't be able to transfer characters to or from this server, but the idea is to try out new rulesets and events and for players to have fun.

You can read the full post here.

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