TERA’s new ninja class and flying mounts coming with Secrets & Shadows update

The popular action MMORPG TERA is getting a new expansion in May 2016 and it's called Secrets & Shadows. It's aptly titled as one of the highlights is the launch of a new class, the Ninja, which is exclusive of the Elins. The Ninjas are described as “a covert strike force of elins who wield oversized shurikens and operate as hit-and-run short-range fighters. The ninja’s quick abilities enable players to dodge and evade enemy attacks while dealing deadly damage.”

En Masse Entertainment is slowly revealing the content of the Secrets & Shadows update over the coming weeks here, with the Ninja guide coming May 10. Besides this brand new class, the expansion introduces flying mounts, adds three new max-level dungeons, and new story developments including the return of an old nemesis.

We've already tried the Ninja class in the Korean version, as you can watch in the two videos right below the official teaser – there's Ninja character creation and level 42~55 gameplay.

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