TERA’s plans for 2016 includes a BAM 10 times larger than before

TERA is getting the new Aces Wild expansion in July and the folks at Bluehole and En Masse are already teasing what else is coming this year. One of the highlights is definitely the large scale Guild versus Guild battles as well as new guild content, but we have to say that what got us more curious is the reveal of new super BAM raids. This raid dungeon will be part of the new guild content, it´s for 30-players and features a BAM that is 10 times larger than any BAM players have battled before. Possibly something in the scale of the Shadow of the Colossus bosses, who knows?

TERA will also see some extensive class balancing beginning with the sorcerer, a couple of new dungeons (Castle of Lilith and Ruin of Rakelith), some improvements to the UI and more. Take a look here to see what else is coming.

newdungeon_thumb tower_thumb


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