TERA’s Velik’s Fate update is going live today, see what’s new

TERA's early 2019 roadmap

En Masse Entertainment has spilled the beans on the upcoming Velik's Fate for TERA, which we mentioned during the celebrations of the fifth anniversary of this action combat MMORPG. The patch notes are now live and when is this update launching, you ask? Well, today, May 9!

TERA's Velik's Fate update brings two new max-level dungeons, Velik’s Hold and Velik’s Sanctuary, with a new boss, the god Lakan. Velik's Hold is a 7-player dungeon with normal and hard modes and Velik’s Sanctuary is a 5-player dungeon. Three classic dungeons are making a return (Timescape, Bathysmal Rise, The Abscess) while seven others are being retired temporarily for adjustments (Harrowhold, Ruinous Manor (normal, Hard), Broken Prison, Lilith's Keep (normal, Hard), Shadow Sanguinary (normal, Hard), Sky Cruiser Endeavor (Hard), Vault of Kaprima).

You can also expect a few new accessories, several class updates and new gear, including two new gear sets and Tier 12 with this TERA update.

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