Thanos has invaded Fortnite, but there are no plans for Avengers skins

The epic (pun intended) Avengers and Fortnite crossover featuring mega villain Thanos is live and brings quite some extra flavor to everyone's favorite Battle Royale game. But wouldn't it be great if Epic Games went all the way and decided to add some Avengers skins so that you could fight Thanos in style?

Sadly, they aren't doing it, at least for now. As Epic Games' community manager Nathan Mooney said: “just because I've seen lots of folks asking, we have no plans for Avengers outfits in the store.”

Sadface. It would be awesome if we could get Thor, Hulk and friends to fight Thanos, but I guess that this would require tons of work and Epic Games isn't exactly sitting idly and watching the money pour in, as they have released tons of updates and surely have a lot more planned ahead. Maybe they have time for a more in-depth crossover when the fourth Avengers movie releases.

For now, we have Thanos. Here is the announcement trailer and some actual gameplay showing a few of his powers.

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