Thatgamecompany’s new whimsical game Sky: Children of the Light is free

Sky: Children of the Light free

Sky: Children of the Light is the next game from thatgamecompany, creators of Journey and Flower, among others. Sticking to the beautiful, almost dreamlike setting previously seen in Journey, Sky: Children of the Light is a game about a fantasy world and solving puzzles with up to seven other players.

The iOS version of Sky: Children of the Light is already available for pre-order, for the amazing price of free! The release is planned for July 11, 2019, with Android, macOS, tvOS, PC and console versions coming sometime after and featuring cross-play. It's not entirely clear if Sky: Children of the Light will be free for all platforms, but it makes sense, particularly due to its cross-play nature – we will update you as soon as we have a confirmation.

In Sky: Children of the Light, you explore seven dreamlike realms. There is a focus on socialization and expression, with several character customization possibilities. You can give candles of light to other players as an expression of friendship, and music also plays an important role in gameplay.

Sky: Children of the Light will be expanded after release with seasonal events and realm expansions.

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