Thatgamecompany’s magical Sky: Children of the Light is live on iOS

Sky: Children of the Light is live on iOS

It's time for another magical Journey, as Thatgamecompany releases Sky: Children of the Light on iOS devices. It's a free game and a whimsical experience that is, unsurprisingly, getting rave reviews from players.

With an overall 4.9 rating from over 2.9K ratings on the App Store, Sky: Children of the Light is quickly shaping up to be a game of the year contender. It's highly likely that this is one of the few games that put the words “mobile” and “gaming” in sync, with a magnificent and relaxing story to go with the fantastic art style.

The game download is short of 200MB and Sky: Children of the Light is rated 12+, with Intense Horror and Fear Themes being the reason for that rating. I guess players are in for some scary imagery along with their dreamy landscapes.

Jenova Chen and his team clearly delivered another instant classic after Journey. In fact, some players are saying that it is essentially Journey – we said so as well, such are the similarities between graphics and theme.

Sky: Children of the Light isn't just about the adventure, as it allows you to pick up some instruments along the way and discover notes to create music. Here is just one wonderful example of what players can do if they pour their hearts into it – it's a cover of Fly Me to the Moon.

Unlike Journey, Sky: Children of the Light is described as an ever-evolving game. This means that the developers will be constantly creating content, including realm expansions and seasonal events.

Sky: Children of the Light released first on iOS but there are other versions coming further down the road. You can expect versions for  PC, Android, console and other Apple devices, but the exact dates are yet to be announced.

Here is a new Sky: Children of the Light trailer to celebrate the iOS launch – it's even more magical than the previous footage.


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