The Culling goes free-to-play while The Culling 2 goes under

The Culling free-to-play

Did you miss the incredibly entertaining launch of The Culling 2, another Battle Royale game that no one asked for and no one – or close – was playing? The Culling 2 was released in July 10 and quickly snagged a “very negative” rating, also because Xaviant Games decided to abandon the first game to try and ride a popular genre. Doesn't this ring a bell? Or maybe two?

Anyway, after seeing their efforts going to waste and a community that is entirely against them, Xaviant has decided to correct their ways by shutting down The Culling 2 for good. Not only that, but they are also planning on relaunching the first The Culling game as free-to-play in the near future. They promised to roll back the game to its initial state (meaning March 2016) this week on test servers, erasing the unpopular updates and restoring some of its quality and originality, as well as providing support to the game. You know, instead of abandoning it for the sake of a dead in the water sequel.

But the big question remains: is it too late for a 2016 game to return and fight against the fierce Battle Royale competition, in particular the steamroller that is Fortnite Battle Royale?

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