The Culling: Origins is now available and free-to-play

The Culling: Origins free-to-play Steam

The latest months for developer Xaviant Games have been… exciting, to say the least. In case you don't know what happened, here's a refresher: The Culling 2 was released in July to very negative reviews (just another rushed Battle Royale game), while the interesting original game was left to die.

After a significant player backlash, Xaviant Games decided to can The Culling 2 and restore the first game to its initial state (dating back of March 2016), while relaunching it as free-to-play.

Now, The Culling: Origins has released, it's free-to-play and you can download it on Steam. It's still a Battle Royale game (“one of the grandfathers of the Battle Royale genre”, the devs say), but it comes with a more brutal feel and “a stunning new art direction that modernizes the original feel of The Culling.”

Being free-to-play, you can obviously purchase premium cosmetics (clothing, weapon skins, taunts, victory celebrations, and Culling Cards) and paid downloadable content, but the studio promises that there is no pay-to-win, and never will be. The Culling: Origins is also coming to Xbox One “ASAP”, but there is a certification process that must be passed.

Looking at the release numbers, The Culling: Origins isn't doing that bad, so let's see if it is able to keep the momentum.

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