The Cycle alpha reward skin up for grabs if you play before next phase

The Cycle alpha reward skin

Yager is offering a The Cycle alpha reward skin for everyone who plays this shooter before it enters the next development phase. It's an entirely free outfit that looks pretty stylish and it's likely that it will be exclusive for players who joined the alpha test.

It's unclear for how long you can get the skin; it could be a day or a week, but don't get too cocky and grab it as soon as you can. It could be gone tomorrow.

The Cycle is a “competitive player quester” where Prospectors are tasked with several contracts at the same time. You can choose to avoid PvP for most of the duration of the match and engage in PvE missions where you'll face the deadly fauna from planet Fortuna III. It's an enjoyable shooter that tries to do something other than the tired Battle Royale genre, and succeeds at it.

You can play The Cycle right now and get The Cycle alpha reward skin without the need for any key. Download the game from the Epic Games Store and play while the alpha is still open.

The Cycle alpha reward skin


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