The Cycle open alpha weekend coming, Founder’s Packs available

The Cycle open alpha

I have expressed several times my fondness for Yager's The Cycle, a competitive first-person quest shooter. It's not just the solid mechanics and fun PvE, it's the fact that you have all the freedom to tackle the contracts in the order that you want, and you can mostly avoid PvP if you're clever or lucky enough.

If you still haven't tried The Cycle, there is a huge open alpha weekend coming tomorrow. Starting July 4 at 3 PM CEST (9 AM EDT) until July 8, 10 AM CEST (4 AM EDT), you can download The Cycle from the Epic Games Store and play without the need for an alpha key.

Founder's Pack were just released as well, in case you want some cool stuff to celebrate your landing in Fortuna III. You have the Scouter Pack ($9.99), Explorer Pack ($29.99) and Prospector Pack ($59.99), featuring skins, emotes, in-game currency and costumes, according to your selection.


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