The Cycle Season One begins with two new classes and Fortuna Pass

The Cycle Season One

The Cycle Season One: The Lost Prospector is live and brings a ton of good stuff to Yager's free-to-play competitive quest shooter. The Fortuna Pass is the Battle Pass for this game, something that no title whatsoever seems to lack these days. But there are two new Archetypes for you to choose from, along with a plethora of new skins and weapons, including melee weaponry such as an axe or a wrench.

The Cycle's Fortuna Pass comes with the two standard reward tracks, free and premium, with 100 levels of goodness. You earn rewards that include new Archetypes, costumes, weapons, emotes, and more, but the bulk of it lies in the Gold Level, which you have to purchase. To climb levels, you must complete seasonal, daily, and weekly challenges that were also introduced with The Cycle Season One patch.

The two new classes, or Archetypes, are the Thrill-Seeker and the Veteran. The former is described as adventurous, while the latter is dubbed a badass. They must all be, truth be told, to venture into an unknown and dangerous planet in search of loot.

Season One's future will bring interesting features such as the mandatory ranked mode, but also story quests with plenty of lore, so that you get to know what lies beneath Fortuna III. A few months ago, vehicles were introduced into the game.

The Cycle is free and an Epic Games Store exclusive which you can download right now.

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