PvPvE shooter The Cycle introduces its second map

The Cycle shooter second map

Yager has kept its promises of a second map for the competitive quest shooter The Cycle. The map was introduced for the first time during yesterday's stream, which you can watch below.

Those familiar with The Cycle will immediately notice that the layout is quite different from the original map. You'll see some interesting canyons, a lovely small waterfall, a few metallic structures that look like transportation systems and other new elements. The evac point where the ship lands is also completely different from the first map, with this one being out in the open.

I have to mention the wonderful storm effects that show up as the match progresses. From a peaceful – so to speak – map at the start, you'll soon find yourself in the middle of a ravaging storm. Stormdivers, the upcoming Battle Royale game from Housemarque also likes to have a bit of fun with cool weather effects.

The Cycle is a free-to-play game currently in alpha testing. Our first impressions are here in case you want to know what makes us like this shooter so much.


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