The Cycle brings vehicles back in a more advanced state

The Cycle vehicles

During last month, Yager decided to give The Cycle players the opportunity to test some vehicle prototypes. The results weren't entirely convincing, and so the studio removed them from the alpha and went back to the drawing board.

Now, vehicles are back after some significant work. Instead of looking like bland logs, they are shaped as some cool futuristic hoverbikes, leaving light trails in their path. These will evidently be super important when it's time to leave the planet Fortuna III, as sometimes you'll find yourself many miles away from the evac ship.

There are no additional details on these vehicles. Things such as spawn conditions, duration, even damage remain a mystery for now and I'm not sure if some of these will ever be implemented.

The Cycle is currently in an extended open alpha test, so give it a try right now – there is no way to know when the game will once again require a key to download and play.

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