The King of Fighters Allstar global launch is live with rewards and events

The King of Fighters Allstar global launch

The King of Fighters Allstar global launch is now live for Android and iOS. The mobile fighting game from Netmarble and SNK is inspired by the latter's rich backlog, featuring over 130 collectible fighters at launch from the entirety of the franchise. You can expect to control fighters from King of Fighters ’94 to King of Fighters XIV.

The King of Fighters Allstar features stunning fighter artwork realized in a technique that looks like Destiny Child's Live2D, with smooth animations that make them feel alive. The in-game 3D fighters are of high quality as well, with spectacular fighting moves and combos.

But The King of Fighters Allstar surprises by the fact that it isn't merely cashing in on the gacha system. It comes with full-fledged gameplay mechanics where you truly control the fighters, instead of simply pressing the auto button and watching them have at it. It is surprisingly fun and boasts high production values.

To celebrate The King of Fighters Allstar global launch and for reaching one million pre-registrations, players can expect the following:

  • 1x 5★ Fighter Selector
  • 500 Rubies
  • 1x Baseball Yuri Character
  • 1x Baseball Yuri Battle Card
  • 10x Plus Capsule Boxes and 10x Rare EXP Capsules
  • 1x Kusanagi Kyo Battle Cards for Google Play users, or 1x Yagami Iori Battle Card for App Store users.

 There are a few launch events planned as well:

  • [Orochi Iori] / [Orochi Leona] Special Gacha Event – Players will have 28 days to acquire some of KOF's most popular characters in celebration of the launch.
  • Special Roulette Event – Players will earn free roulette tickets during gameplay, which can be used to acquire various Character Growth Materials.
  • Special Login Bonus – By logging in for seven days, players can earn rewards, such as a Fighter/Battle Card Gacha Ticket, 400 Rubies, and Growth Materials.
  • Festival Events – After completing special missions, including the ‘Welcome Super Mission’ and the ‘Elements Festival’, players will earn popular fighters to add to their roster of KOF characters.

You can download The King of Fighters Allstar from Google Play and the App Store right now.

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