The Tomorrow Children: Q-Games PS4 MMO switches to free-to-play

While some studios tend to think that free-to-play isn't worthwhile anymore – if you want profit, just make a good game, we say -, others surprisingly turn to this business model and it's all the best for us. PS4 exclusive The Tomorrow Children is one of the latest – the game from Q-Games, creators of the acclaimed Pixeljunk series are opening this Minecraft-esque MMO set in a Soviet Union-themed post-apocalyptic dystopia to all PlayStation 4 players.

The early access opens on September 6, 2016 to those who purchase a Founder's Pack, which costs around $20 and brings some DLC items, a special costume, 1000 of in-game currency (Freeman Dollars – Half-Life 3 confirmed?) and additional bonus content. A cool thing is that anyone who buys it will get to invite up to five friends to play early.

When The Tomorrow Children nears launch, the Founder's Packs will be replaced by Frontier Packs, which should offer the usual in-game items.


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