Top-down shooter Veterans Online plays with new fog of war feature

Top-down shooter Veterans Online plays

Tunisian indie studio Nuked Cockroach is hard at work on its first game, the free-to-play top-down shooter Veterans Online. I have to admit that I just love the simplicity and arcade style of the gameplay, reminding me of classics from a couple of decades ago. This is the kind of game that just screams “Battle Royale” and I would love it for that.

Veterans Online just received the very important fog of war, a feature that has an impressive effect on the way that the battles play out. Despite being called by the developers as ‘fog of war', it doesn't really feel like the best choice of words – it would be appropriate for real-time strategy games such as Command & Conquer and Dune 2. Maybe this feature would be best called something like ‘dynamic field of view' or similar. What do you think?

Veterans Online was delayed for quite some time, as the open beta was scheduled for March 2018 and there is no new date in the horizon.

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