Torchlight Frontiers Closed Alpha 3 lifts NDA, adds wardrobes, frontier levels

Torchlight Frontiers Alpha no NDA

The Torchlight Frontiers Closed Alpha 3 is coming tomorrow, March 5, and developer Echtra Games has lifted the veil on what it brings. The most significant change to all you streamers out there is the removal of the NDA, so get those fans ready.

For the rest of us who are excited for this new and free-to-play Torchlight game, Closed Alpha 3 will bring some changes. Right at the start there is a new intro sequence, with a set of quests set at the docks of the Imperial Outpost. Only after completing these you will head out to the Goblin Frontier questline.

Frontier levels will replace gear skill leveling, which means that XP is granted for killing monsters in a specific frontier – the character's level is displayed in the inventory screen, and the level cap is currently set at 50.

Do you remember wardrobes? No, not at your home, but the wardrobes coming to Torchlight Frontiers. These provide convenient gear storage, allowing you to swap your favorite gear sets.

There are improvements to map and waypoints, some dungeons were shortened, monsters were added… There are way too many additions, changes and balancing to mention here, so read the full patch notes to make sure that you don't miss a thing.

Sadly, no new class was revealed for now, so you'll get to meet your two longtime friends, the Dusk Mage and the Forged.


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