Torchlight Frontiers Beast Buddies update is mostly about the pets

Torchlight Frontiers Beast Buddies update

The Torchlight Frontiers Beast Buddies update is coming on July 23, suffering a short delay from the initial planned release of July 16. Nothing to worry about, because it is going to be worth it.

Pets, who doesn't love them? Until now, Torchlight Frontiers only had three to choose from: a dog, a llama and an owl. When the Update 7: Beast Buddies lands, you'll get two more friends: a Dragonling and a Wolf. These are definitely more menacing than an owl, right?

This update adds so much features around the pet system that it's impossible not to like it. For example, your Fort now has a Pet Shelter where you can keep and manage your rescued pets. A pet vendor was added to the Imperial Outpost and you can rescue additional pets from cages found during your adventures – if you're feeling particularly benevolent, you can set them free as well. You can also expect some new pet skills.

The Beast Buddies update isn't solely about pets, however; there is a new character creation experience, something that is truly refreshing considering that previously you didn't do much in Torchlight Frontiers besides choosing your class and pet.

Torchlight Frontiers Beast Buddies update

Relic weapons underwent a revamp and now you have a work-in-progress friends list. However, one of the most interesting features – and possibly controversial, but only time will tell – is the addition of a test store. The Frontier Traders shop is where you can buy Lux, the premium currency. For now you can only purchase Stash Tabs, Relic Storage Slots and Character Slots, something that sounds extremely non-pay-to-win, to be honest. It isn't clear if you can get these with in-game credits as well.

The Torchlight Frontiers Beast Buddies update is huge and has tons of quality of life improvements and class balancing. You can read all the details on the official patch notes.

Torchlight Frontiers is currently in alpha testing and features three classes: Dusk Mage, Forged and Railmaster.


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