Torchlight Frontiers closed alpha 2 infographic shows fear of netherlings

Torchlight Frontiers closed alpha 2 infographic

With the second Torchlight Frontiers Closed Alpha test out of the way, Perfect World Entertainment has released a new infographic detailing some of the happening from this phase.

The total number of monsters killed is obviously a highlight, and I'm pretty sure that goblins played a larger part in this equation. Over 65,000 quests were completed and nearly 6,000 legendaries were obtained. Potions are a big player favorite from Torchlight Frontiers, with 187,134 collected.

Apparently, you lot aren't big fans of the purple monster known as Netherling, as this was considered the deadliest creature during closed alpha 2.

Now it's a matter of waiting for the next test. Will it be another alpha or is Echtra Games moving on to the closed beta stage?



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