Torchlight Frontiers devs discuss Closed Alpha 2 feedback and plans

Torchlight Frontiers alpha keys

Echtra Games has released a blog post detailing their findings from the recent Torchlight Frontiers Closed Alpha 2. They have an endless amount of player feedback to go through and know their priority points for the moment.

One of the things to note is the lack of love for the Forged class. Apparently, most players aren't able to connect emotionally with a “pot-bellied-stove-turned-robot”, but it's probably something else – the Dusk Mage is getting most of the attention.

The netherlings were little murderous machines as the infographic shows, but they will be less deadly in the next Torchlight Frontiers builds. And apparently the game gets a bit too tough for its own good beyond item level 17, something that will be reworked.

The main aspects where the team will focus for now include character progression changes, balancing power levels and making the Relic weapons as powerful as they were meant to be, and working on quality of life features such as the minimap or the quest log.

The next test phase is yet to be announced, but you can be sure that it won't happen in 2018 – give the guys some time to celebrate Christmas and all that jazz, they deserve it.


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