Torchlight Frontiers update New Beginnings adds Contracts and more

Torchlight Frontiers contracts update

Echtra Games has just released a new update for Torchlight Frontiers, the first ever since this online action RPG transitioned into a 24/7 game. Still in alpha, the New Beginnings update adds Contracts to the game.

As you may recall from our previous coverage, Contracts is a season-like battle-pass embellished system where players are tasked with certain missions and tempted by alluring rewards.

But the update also brings something to your dear pet friends. If you have played Torchlight Frontiers before, you surely know how your pet was overly keen in running away from battle for a few precious minutes. This update adds a functionality to keep an eye out on the pet's health and feed him potions. Pets also get an extra 50% base health and rest time – read “deal with it, master!” is decreased from four minutes to two minutes.

 The New Beginnings update brings a few more changes that you can read on the official patch notes.


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