Torchlight Frontiers shows the Forged in class reveal trailer

Torchlight Frontiers Forged class

Lost Ark anniversary celebrations

With the Torchlight Frontiers business model question answered, Echtra Games now continues revealing more details on its highly anticipated action RPG. Today we are getting a class reveal video focusing on the Forged class.

The Forged was one of the two classes that stole the spotlight during Torchlight Frontiers' earlier reveals. This little mechanical wonder is a truly unique class for the Torchlight series and works in a somewhat different way from the other classes. This automaton will use its weapons to build up heat, and as soon as the gauge is full, it unleashes a devastating attack on its enemies. The Forged has no traditional mana bar, instead using this steam meter. Watch the Forged in action below.

Torchlight Frontiers is coming to PC in 2019 and later on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It's going to be free-to-play, in case you forgot.

Lost Ark anniversary celebrations

Lost Ark anniversary celebrations

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