Torchlight Frontiers discusses the power of Relic Weapons

Torchlight Frontiers Relic Weapons

Torchlight Frontiers developer Echtra Games teased us with a couple of surprises that would affect the horizontal progression system of this action RPG, and now we know one of them: the Relic Weapons.

Relic Weapons are items that can be achieved through crafting and can level up, gaining increased stats as you kill monsters and unlocking unique skills. They can swap with your primary weapon for a limited time, and “basically gives your character super powers”, says the developers. Here are a few Relic Weapons with their respective descriptions:

Fire Striker
Sword; Fire damage; Bonus critical hit chance; Bonus attack speed

At Level 5, Gains Affix: Attacking with Fire Striker unleashes a wave of fireballs. These have a high chance to inflict Burning.
Fire Striker is all about waving your flaming sword around during activation, setting as many enemies on fire as you can before the duration runs out. The bonus critical and attack speed affixes, once fully leveled up, really make this a spike damage machine.

Torchlight Frontiers Relic Weapons

Staff; Poison damage; Chance to Poison; Grants Health on kill

At Level 7, Grants Passive Skill Contagion: Damaging a poisoned enemy has a chance to release projectiles that damage enemies and inflict Poisoned status.
As long as Bane is equipped in the Relic Weapon slot, the Contagion passive can be used. This means you can benefit from the Contagion proc even when Bane is not activated. Bane is powerful on its own when used for the weapon attacks, but if players build a character to take advantage of Contagion they’ll reap even more benefit.

Torchlight Frontiers Relic Weapons

Flaming Destroyer
Sword; Fire damage; Chance to Burn; Bonus chance to Crit

At Level 3, Grants Active Skill Sword Smash: Summon an ethereal sword that slams into enemies, dealing direct damage and leaving them Burning for 125% weapon damage.

At Level 5, Gains Affix: Gain 5% attack speed when you hit with this Relic. Stacks up to 5 times.

Torchlight Frontiers Relic Weapons

You can read more about the Relic Weapons in this blog post.

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