Torchlight Frontiers second alpha test starts December 7

Torchlight Frontiers second alpha test starts

Perfect World and Echtra Games have just announced the Torchlight Frontiers second alpha test, after a first alpha test that was meant to break the servers.

The second alpha test begins on Friday, December 7 and ends at 10:00 am PST on Monday, December 10. If you have an invite from the first alpha, then you will be able to jump in for the second round. More invites are going to be sent soon, but most of them are going to European players this time. Progress from the first alpha will be carried over to the next one, which is great news. You should expect a wipe at the end of the alphas though, so don't keep your hopes up.

The second alpha is still pretty much a technical test, so that Torchlight Frontiers becomes more stable and reliable. The plan is to work on things such as balance changes to skills, skill purchase costs and item power. The team will also work on quality of life improvements and additional content such as areas and game features.

The NDA is still in place for the second alpha test, so keep those impressions private for now.

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