Torchlight Frontiers is revamping its skill system with the Adept’s Path update

Torchlight Frontiers skill system update

Are you unsatisfied with the way that Torchlight Frontiers handles your skills? Well, you're in luck as Echtra Games is going to revamp the skill system for this anticipated action RPG. The renewed skill system is coming with the Update 6: Adept’s Path, scheduled to launch on May 21.

According to the developers, the player feedback on this area was the following: “skill progression was unclear and the pacing felt off.” I have to agree that it felt somewhat strange, with skill points dropping from enemies at seemingly random occasions. Furthermore, using the skill points didn't leave much room to planning ahead.

With the new Torchlight Frontiers skill system, players will earn one skill point every frontier level up to a maximum of 100. Each one of the existing classes has two skill paths: Brawl/Barrage for Forged, Dark/Light for Dusk Mage, and Lineage/Conductor for Railmaster. Skills are divided among tiers, with each skill allowing up to 12 skill points.

Naturally, these changes led to a leveling rebalance, with an adjusted pace. The rate at which you gain levels was doubled and some boss creatures now earn you more experience points.

You can read more about the Torchlight Frontiers skill system update on the official blog.

Torchlight Frontiers skill system update


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