Totally Accurate Battlegrounds is going free-to-play

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds free to play

The April Fool's Day joke turned full-fledged game that is Totally Accurate Battlegrounds is going to turn free-to-play soon. Developer Landfall didn't release a definite date for the business model switch, but it shouldn't take too long now.

Despite the very positive reviews, the reason is plain and simple: Totally Accurate Battlegrounds needs more players to offer the desired gameplay. This is also meant as a way to extend the lifespan of the game, otherwise it would probably die out soon. It's a really cheap game but it also feels somewhat cheap in a very crowded genre, despite being a lot of ridiculous fun, especially with a few friends. It's part game, part joke, so you should know where you are getting into.

A new brawl mode is in the works and finishing this is imperative for the transition to F2P. A streaming tool is also being developed, so that the game will be optimized, with less lag spikes and better world rendering. Obviously, an in-game store for cosmetics is also being created.

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