Tree of Savior cash shop enrages Korean players

After the surprising South Korean launch of Tree of Savior (surprising because the game is far from polished and bug-free), Nexon isn't done with the controversies surrounding this highly anticipated MMORPG from IMC Games. The new hot topic now is the cash shop, which is said by players to include extremely expensive items that take it into surreal grounds. For example, a new hairstyle can cost roughly $25 USD for some styles, so depending on your favorite hairdresser, it can be more expensive than having a haircut in real life. EXP books are also one of the motives of the complaints, although these aren't new in Korean MMO games.

With all the protesting going around in-game and in the official forums, will Nexon or IMC Games actually change anything and make players happier or will they risk raking in a bit of cash right away at the possible expense of Tree of Savior's longevity? And will the English version keep the same kind of prices?

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