Tree of Savior is getting the level 390 Hunting Ground Irredian’s Shelter

Tree of Savior Hunting Ground

After a really shaky startTree of Savior is still going with a small player base but that seems deserving of new content updates in regular intervals. The latest one brings a level 390 hunting ground called Irredian's Shelter and a level 400 boss monster.

Damn, Tree of Savior sure has quite a lot of levels to grind through!

This hunting ground will pit you against level 390 creatures, bringing new farming areas filled with monsters and a new solo raid. New equipment is part of the deal, including a necklace and seals.

There is a little story behind the Irredian's Shelter, if you want to learn about it. You can watch the gameplay video right after:

“The three main powers of ancient Nicopolis had the city in the palm of their hands. Archmage Irredian, with the support from the Kedoran Merchant Alliance, prepared a shelter for the citizens of Nicopolis to take refuge in away from the tyranny of the three rulers. Preparations for war and the magic experiments took place at the shelter to remove the barrier that cuts off Nicopolis from the outside world.”


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