Tree of Savior NA & SEA merges incoming, new class revealed

Tree of Savior new class

IMCGames has just announced their plan to merge Tree of Savior game servers in regions currently running two servers, which translates to North America and Southeast Asia. The plan is to make this merge in about one month from today, on March 13, 2018.

In North America, the two servers Orsha and Klaipeda will be merged into a single server named Klaipeda, while for SEA the servers Varena and Telsiai will be merged, with the name of the resulting server being Telsiai. This comes with some issues that you need to check, especially if you have teams in both servers, as only the data of your main team will remain, including storage slots, guild structure and so on. Check this FAQ for all the changes.

In other Tree of Savior news, the new hidden class Nak Muay in the Swordsman tree is coming on February 20. The combat style of this class is based on attacks using the hands, feet, elbows, and knees. This translates into a high risk of injury, and it is not an easy style to learn. Check some of the attacks below, with more here. You can also hear the main BGM for the Nak Muay below, and this track is really awesome, in my opinion.

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