Tree of Savior is free-to-play, more info discovered

Although not the hardest thing to guess, we now have confirmation that Tree of Savior is going to be a free-to-play game with a cash shop. The info was discovered in the FAQ of the Nexon Tree of Savior website, along with a few more details (thanks We do have to note that developer IMC Games is signing deals with different publishers in different regions, so while the Korean version is indeed free-to-play, it's not a guarantee that it will be the same elsewhere. However, we're pretty sure it will remain F2P in most, if not all, regions.

Besides knowing that Tree of Savior is free-to-play, we learned that you can only use the keyboard to control characters, so there's no mouse-controlled character movement, and there's no limit to how many companions (pets and mounts) that you can adopt.

The first closed beta will be limited to 28 classes, with more being added up to the open beta – up to 80 playable classes, if you recall.




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