Tree of Savior international test may begin after 2nd Korean CBT

IMCGames is keeping its word on the Tree of Savior international release, just as the Korean studio announced over a year ago and revealed some new info about it on the official blog. Besides looking for servers for the international test (“possible candidates are Amazon AWS and a few overseas service providers”), the studio is already working on the translation to English and other languages using a nifty system called OTC (open text client) where the text translation is open to the community and fans who want to get involved and submit their work. Tree of Savior also includes a handy real-time language change feature, so players will be able to change anytime into one of the following languages: Korean, Japanese, Chinese, English, Spanish and Portuguese (which is spelled wrong in the screenshot). You can see the language option in the screen below.

tree of savior english

IMCGames still hasn't decided on the exact date for the international Tree of Savior test, but the studio is hoping to begin after CBT2 in Korea, which has yet to be revealed.

Tree of Savior is confirmed free-to-play and the first English screenshot was revealed in May 2014.


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