Tree of Savior: new trailer shows party gameplay, bosses and explosions

There's no more question that Tree of Savior is the game that Ragnarok Online 2 should have been. Even if you're still not convinced, the new Tree of Savior G-Star 2014 trailer should be enough to convince you. IMC Games is teasing players with this awesome, 60FPS gameplay video that shows party play, plenty of different locations, awesome and original bosses, a revamped and quite frankly attractive UI, and a bit of exploding near the end of the video. We're sold!

In case you don't know or don't remember, Tree of Savior is the game that features 80 classes and over 200 bosses.

While we're still waiting for the beta test, we can rest assured that it will come, probably during 2015, since IMC Games already confirmed that Tree of Savior will have an international release.


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