Triad Wars developer United Front Games shuts down

Triad Wars, Sleeping Dogs and upcoming brawler Smash+Grab developer United Front Games apparently is no more. After shutting down the free-to-play Triad Wars in January 2016, the studio was currently developing Smash+Grab, which was in Early Access for a few weeks and getting positive reviews. However, this 3v3 brawler isn't up for sale anymore and most likely canceled as the studio closed its doors, according to several sources close to the studio, confirmed for example by Gamespot.

This surprising move comes just after Smash+Grab had its first free weekend, and players could buy the game for a discounted $17, which apparently wasn't enough to save the studio.

United Front Games hit is universally considered to be Sleeping Dogs and in the light of these sad news, it looks like the fans will never get a much desired sequel.


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