Triad Wars: online open world game follows on Sleeping Dogs

United Front Games has officially revealed Triad Wars, the follow up to the acclaimed Sleeping Dogs game. Triad Wars is an online open-world action-adventure game considered as “the flip side of Sleeping Dogs”, where players will know how the criminal underground of Hong Kong works, the one that players explored as Wei Shen in Sleeping Dogs.

The reveal trailer below tells quite a bit about the game, which will include driving, shooting, running around and punching people – business as usual. But Triad Wars will include strategy elements, since you'll have to build your criminal empire, establishing your turf and getting several shady operations running to expand your reach and arm yourself. Rival players will do the some, claiming streets and battling for control.

Triad Wars is a PC exclusive with release planned for 2015 and you can already sign up for closed beta at the official website. There's no official word on the business model yet, but judging by past news – where the studio revealed it was working on a free-to-play game – we can assume Triad Wars has a big chance of being free-to-play.

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