Trinium Wars buy-to-play was short-lived, is now free-to-play

After a brief stint as a buy-to-play title – a cheap one, surely, but a B2P game nonetheless -, InselGames has just transitioned Trinium Wars into free-to-play. The studio says that it “wasn't sure of this until recently”, and that “it turned out that just to many of you have waited to buy the title (even with the recent discount) or outright neglected it until it is Free-to-Play.”

InselGames adds that players asked for the switch to free-to-play in reviews, and now that has happened with the basic game available for free, but players can still buy the Deluxe and Collector's Editions which contain some items and in-game currency.

Trinium Wars launched on Steam in March 2016 and now, May 2016, is available for free.

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