Trinium Wars is shutting down on August 31

Post-apocalyptic MMORPG Trinium Wars is shutting down by the end of this month, on August 31, InselGames has confirmed. We can't say this comes as much of a surprise since nowadays more and more RPGs are getting lost in a sea of low quality online games – Trinium Wars wasn't a particularly stunning offer, considering that it was a relaunch of the also unsuccessful Living After Law (L.A.W.), which you may remember from 2012.

The launch plan for Trinium Wars was also a bit messy, to say the least – after a buy-to-play launch in March 2016 which many of you probably weren't expecting (B2P seemed a bit too optimistic for us), the game had to switch to free-to-play in May 2016 in order to get a decent playerbase. Clearly it didn't went well and the population levels were never enough to make features such as PvP and Resource War fun.

InselGames is possibly working on a new game right now: “[…] we now have to move on and hopefully will amaze you with a new title shortly”, but we can only hope it turns out much better than Trinium Wars.


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