Twilight Spirits Steam launch heavily criticized, English version planned

Twilight Spirits steam release

Recently Twilight Spirits made it onto Steam and this surprising move from the makers of Revelation Online fell flat. First of all, the Twilight Spirits Steam release was exclusively in Chinese language and this angered many players. Then there was the issue with the only server being in China and causing connection and crashing issues. And finally, there are several game-related issues, starting with a tutorial that is far from perfect, the default graphics setting being set to medium, and character designs needing more diversity.

Here is the player feedback from the initial Twilight Spirits Steam release:

• The explanation in the Tutorial section is not clear enough;
• Default graphic setting is not the finest level of the game;
• Some of the control settings do not fit in with Steam Players’ requirements;
• The game lags under some of the graphic display settings;
• Should be able to use Roman alphabet to name a character;
• An English version is in urgently need;
• The character designs should be more diversified.

One of the major complaints with this Twilight Spirits Steam release is the lack of an English version, but Netease mentions that the team is going to optimize the mentioned issues one by one. Obviously, this leads us to believe that an English release for Twilight Spirits is going to happen. There is no date for it yet, but the studio is going to begin with the following:

• Set the default graphic display as the finest. After which, players can adjust the graphic display level under the settings menu in the game;
• Improve the guides and explanations in the tutorial section;
• Make it available to use Roman characters to name a character;
• Optimize the experience of players with integrated graphics cards.

Hopefully this will be a lesson for Netease and other Eastern developers – before releasing your game on the US Steam, first and foremost add English language and a Western server, or be prepared for plenty of criticism.


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