Twin Saga stress test this weekend, open to everyone

Do you remember the extremely vague roadmap for Aeria Games' anime MMORPG Twin Saga? Well, we have more info for you, and it's of the good kind. The stress test will start on Saturday 27 at 3:00 am PDT and everyone will be able to join the game for the weekend. Don't get too attached to your character though, as there will be a wipe before the open beta begins at a later date, probably during September, we would guess.

The Twin Saga stress test includes a couple of events during Sunday: PvP with the GM at 6:00 am PDT and Monster spawn in Arcadia at 11:00 am PDT. Out of all the players who connect during the stress test, 10 lucky winners in the US will get Molten Quadcopter mount for the first week of open beta.

As soon as we have word on the open beta date we'll get back to you. Meanwhile, try Twin Saga to see if you like this new game from the makers of Aura Kingdom and Dragomon Hunter.


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