Watch over two hours of Peria Chronicles alpha test gameplay

Peria Chronicles alpha test gameplay

The recent Peria Chronicles alpha test is now over, leaving us with great expectations for the character customization system, both male and female. But what about the gameplay per se, you ask?

Have no fear, as MMOCulture has recorded over two hours of Peria Chronicles alpha test gameplay. For better or for worse, let's take a look at this brand new footage.

First, the bad news – apparently, Peria Chronicles isn't the sandbox MMORPG that it was promised to be anymore. Or perhaps these mechanics weren't added to this alpha test. Heck, maybe the game opens up when you have progressed quite a bit, why not?

We can only hope. But for now, it seems that the focus is on quests and Kirana, your Pokémon creatures that you can discover, tame, feed, evolve and use in combat. There were 75 Kirana available during the test, which isn't a bad number at all.

As for the rest, Peria Chronicles seems to have a lot of life activities – things such as mining, gathering, crafting, among others. It looks cute, with a clearly distinctive personality, although it's not as stunning as the early trailers led us to believe.

Once heralded as one of the few great PC MMORPGs in development, Peria Chronicles is coming, but is it going to live up to the hype? We'll know in a year or two.


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