Uncle Sven is the latest Gigantic hero spotlight

Uncle Sven definitely loves his flasks, he carries them around to everywhere he goes. He is the focus of a new Gigantic hero spotlight, showing his abilities and just how surprisingly agile he is for a round dude. Uncle Sven is a support hero and at his best throwing his enchanted elixirs from a safe distance, with his main weapon being a fire flask to set the enemies on fire. He's also capable of creating a couple of puddles, one for super jumps and the other for healing his teammates, but his funniest ability is the one that turns enemies into small lizard creatures, unable to use skills. You can see this last skill on the video below but we're not sure if the lack of lizard animation is a choice or still a work in progress.

Gigantic is going into another closed beta weekend tomorrow and if you still don't have a key for the Xbox One version, feel free to snag one right here – Windows 10 players don't need a key.


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