Upcoming Moonlight Blade update celebrates Autumn with weirdness

moonlight blade update

An upcoming Moonlight Blade update planned to celebrate the mid-Autumn festival in China (October 4 this year) was teased with a new video. In it, you get to see some new costumes and festivities, all bathed in a wonderful Autumn-ish look with plenty of leaves just going where the wind blows.

But one of the additions is a huge oddity, the kind that makes us scratch our head in bewilderment. There's this cannon that is used to shoot confetti, but it can also be used to shoot a character. In the case of the trailer, it's the young girl that is the lucky (?) chosen, and you'll soon see her shooting to the skies. You'll also see her plummeting to her death, and this is the weird part – there's even a bit of leg-twitching. It's definitely not the kind of celebration we would like to try in real life, but if you feel like being shot from a cannon, be our guest.

This update also brings a couple of new horse saddles and probably a few more items that weren't introduced in this short video.

Moonlight Blade is coming to North America and Europe, unless it was all just a bad dream. Or Tencent was drunk.


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