Vampire week: Neverwinter sees the release of Ravenloft

neverwinter ravenloft release

Neverwinter has a lot more bit now with today's release of the 14th free update for the Dungeons and Dragons MMORPG. Ravenloft takes players into the Domain of Dread, Barovia, where vampire Strahd is the ruler.

Ravenloft is out now on PC and a few weeks later on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This update goes full-on gothic horror and brings some interesting and unique mechanics to Neverwinter, such as a day-to-night cycle which actually affects gameplay. The time of day will determine which monsters, objects and NPCs will appear around the land, and just how powerful these enemies will be. The Castle Ravenloft acts as the endgame dungeon and should be a lot of fun, as vampire Strahd von Zarovich awaits for your challenge. You can also count with the Tarokka Card System, as you unlock unique cards from many challenges. You can use them in Monster Hunts or collect the entire set to get a nice reward from Madame Eva.

This is definitely a cool and unusual addition to Neverwinter, so give it a try now on PC.

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