Veterans Online closed beta begins late October

veterans online gameplay video

We've been secretly waiting for this moment – the moment when the Veterans Online closed beta is so close that we can almost smell the napalm. In case you don't know a thing about this game, this is the work of a new studio from Tunisia, Nuked Cockroach, and it brings us so many happy memories of older games such as Ikari Warriors, Commando and Cannon Fodder.

After a Steam Greenlight approval, Veterans Online is finally entering closed beta later this month. The beta was delayed for one month due to network & matchmaking issues, but now it seems that all is ready for the beta. Steam keys will be sent beginning October 24 to lucky players who signed up on the official website, with more keys sent later to gradually increase the number of players.

Veterans Online is free-to-play and hopefully a whole lot of co-op and PvP fun.

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