Veterans Online shows its customization system and wacky mounts

Veterans Online customization system

The fun top-down arcade shooter Veterans Online has just revealed a bit of its soldier customization options. You'll be able to pick a male or female soldier and customize some of its features.

Head and hair are a given, but you can also change the torso, pants, hat, and throw in a backpack and pair of glasses as well. A few colors are available for the skin tone option.

Then we have a quick look at the vehicles of Veterans Online. One of the betas already showed us the motorcycle and the airplane, both of them hugely cute and maneuverable. Now we get to know other mounts – can I call them that – such as a jetpack, a robot, a quad moto and a… hm… a submarine? That should perform well on the battlefield.

Anyway, curious to see how Veterans Online is evolving since we last looked at it – you may remember that this is a really fun and engaging shooter. The next playtest is coming soon.


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