Veterans Online Early Access begins this fall, new trailer revealed

Veterans Online Early Access

The Veterans Online Early Access is finally scheduled to begin this fall. The development of this free-to-play top-down shooter wasn't as smooth as Nuked Cockroach surely hoped for, with a false start on Steam, but maybe the second time's the charm.

Veterans Online is reminiscent of a fun old-school arcade shooter with twin-stick controls added to the mix. Each match features 5v5 team battles and you can purchase different weapons and items with the currency that you earn for your performance.

You can expect the Veterans Online Early Access to start with two game modes – Territory Control and Capture the Flag – but more modes are planned to be released still during Early Access.

“Veterans Online combines many of our favorite elements in an action shooter to make a really fast-paced experience that relies heavily on tactical skill and reaction speed,” said Mostafa Dhaouadi, Creative Director from Nuked Cockroach. “We’ve designed the game with esports in mind, balancing competitiveness and fun, allowing for fast-action team gameplay that uses the individual skills of each player. You also can’t buy advantages, so everyone starts on the same playing field.”

You can wishlist Veterans Online on Steam, with the Early Access start planned for October 2019. Check the new official trailer below and our Veterans Online gameplay footage right after.


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