Vindictus Bell character creation is mouth-watering hot

Vindictus Bell character creation

This isn't exactly new, but very few people come close to Rendermax's where it comes to sheer editing skills. That is why I've decided to share his latest Mabinogi Heroes / Vindictus Bell character creation video for Bel.

Bel is the latest character joining the roster of Mabinogi Heroes, the action MMORPG that western players know as Vindictus. She arrived in the Korean server on July 11, carrying her giant axe along with her. You can watch Bel's announcement trailer here to get properly acquainted.

The video below will show you Bel's character creation possibilities. Poses, costumes, dancing and especially underwear are highlighted in a way that will make both Vindictus fans and non-fans alike drool.

It's impressive how Vindictus remains as one of the MMORPGs with the best character creation system after all these years. That is quite an achievement for a game released in 2010, with character models that have rarely been surpassed – Black Desert Online is our indisputable reference for high quality MMO graphics and action combat, but Vindictus manages to stand up proud in comparison.

Bel is the 15th character in Mabinogi Heroes and is sure to find her way to North America and Europe. Western players recently saw the introduction of Arisha's sister, the stunning Eira: The Void Witch, a gunslinger with a thing for portals.

Watch the Vindictus Bell character creation video by Rendermax below.


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