Get an in-game balloon with the Vindictus ‘Stream That Vindi’ Twitch event

Vindictus Twitch Stream event

Nexon's Vindictus is teaming up with Twitch for a ‘Stream That Vindi' event. As you may have guessed, this is an opportunity for Vindictus streamers (or those who want to start streaming) to earn a cool and exclusive in-game item: a Twitch balloon.

To win it you have to fulfill two requirements: stream Vindictus for 50 hours in one month, and a minimum of one hour on 30 different days for the month. But you can also earn access to the Vindi-Streamers Exclusive Channel on Discord, so if you want to know how to do so, head over to the event page and read on.

Vindictus Twitch Stream event


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