Vulpine class coming to Perfect World Mobile, transforms into fox

Perfect World Mobile vulpine class

Perfect World Mobile is about to get the new Vulpine class soon. This is the sixth class coming to PWE's MMORPG and is part of the Untamed race.

On November 13, players will be able to choose the Untamed race and try the female-only Vulpine class. Her looks will surely ring a bell to veterans of the classic PC MMORPG Perfect World International, as they may remember this class as the Venomancer. The reasons for this name change are unclear, but it's not like this is a problem.

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The beautiful Vulpine class comes in the normal human form, but she is able to transform into a fox – as you probably know, the Untamed Barbarian class can shift into a tiger. While in the fox form, the Vulpine is capable of dealing damage and debuffing her enemies.

The Vulpine is best suited to ranged combat, keeping a safe distance while attacking her foes with abilities such as Frost and Rock Hit. On the other hand, her fox form is indicated for melee combat.

Furthermore, the Vulpine is the only class able to tame pets. Creatures displaying a claw icon next to their name can be tamed, with pets coming with different ratings and abilities. These pets can aid you in battle, responding to your commands: Follow, Active, and Passive.

The Vulpine class is coming to Perfect World Mobile on November 13. Watch the new CGI video below introducing this class; its stunning quality is really worth two minutes of your time. In case you want to learn more about this game, you can watch our Perfect World Mobile video review and the 12-year Perfect World International comparison video.

In the meantime, we'll keep waiting for news on the leaked Perfect World console edition, powered by Unreal Engine 4 for PS4 and Xbox One. We can only dream.


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