Do you want to get married? In Revelation Online, that is

Revelation Online Eternal Chasm

Revelation Online includes a marriage system and while it also comes with a divorce option, just like in real life, for now we'll only cover the path to marriage. It all revolves around the Intimacy Points, which can be obtained in several ways, some of them with daily caps and others with no cap. Some of the ways are chatting with your friends via the conversation window, duelling with your partner (probably not recommended in real life), clearing dungeons in a party or participating in player versus player, among other possibilities.

Your intimacy will increase with all these actions and you can check it via the friends panel. When you're close to the person you're gaining these intimacy points with, you'll see more and more hearts next to him/her. When you reach a certain amount, you can consider marriage, something that brings benefits that will be discussed in full in the next Revelation Online blog post.

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